We have had a very busy morning and afternoon!

With Gail, we explored the sensory box using the magnifying glass to find the hidden items. We noticed the textures of the different plants and leaves as well. We also enjoyed making different colours of green in a mini science experiment. We used the colours in the tubes and the pipettes to make different shades.

The magnets and creating patterns with the gems were also very popular. We showed how creative we are.

Sony invited us to make a painting using rectangles. We liked painting the rectangles after painting the circles from last week.

We also made some lovely Spring art out of recycled paper with Rosanna. We liked making it a 3D picture.

Tima invited us to make pictures of a bird’s life cycle. We showed our excellent fine motor skills as we cut and pasted it.

Arturo had us very excited about making a volcano in the sandpit.

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