Happy Thursday to all our Aqua families, the children have applied sun cream and are outside playing, running, laughing and jumping around.
Today Nicolaus and Isla joined Alejandra for yoga time. it is so cute watching them complete the pose.
The kitchen area and sand pit are always a big hit. The children love making cakes for each other and often are heard singing happy birthday to each other.
Outside Leonardo built a house for himself, using the large blocks. Adeline enjoyed climbing in the trees, ‘’looking for the birds’’ she said.
Evan, Jack and Charlie had some time exploring the small vehicles. They made the car noise ‘’vroom’’ as they pushed it around.
In the garden there was also a game being played between a small group of children, they passed the ball to each other and called a name as they did.
Jake was very fascinated with the tail on Charlottes dress. Just look at the expression on his face.
At group times their was many lovely songs and stories being told.
Evan and Jeffrey really enjoyed the ice-cream song and sang it very loudly with Helena.
Learning centre time we played a game with Donna. It was her turn and she picked a animal,

explaining to the children, she said ‘’I’ve a long neck and I live in the zoo’’,
Isabelle L shouted ‘’You do’’ as she pointed at Donna ha!!.
Harvey O told her ‘’no, she lives at school’’. Ha!!
We couldn’t stop laughing as it was so funny.
With Helena the children are exploring the beach and made some creative beach pictures with sand and paint.
With Alejandra the children where exploring the first letter of their name. They saw the letter on the board then had to find it in the sensory box.
It really was a fun filled day, it is also so good to see the children that have came from Emerald so settled in the group now.

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