It was a very good Thursday, a warm sun and happy Emerald children!

Today we started the group time with Cindy, Ekta and Bernice, we sang songs, played with the puppets and read the stories.

“Jump, jump, jump, do a little jump!”

Yoga is our daily program, today we followed Hannah’s instructions and made different poses. Yoga helps children to promote the gross-motor skills, balancing skills and imagination skills, Emerald children enjoyed the yoga time every morning!

Emerald children love dancing, see how beautiful we are!

In the learning center, Isabel and Louis spent time to explore using scissor to cut the paper. The girls painted the octopus with color pencils and put the pompoms into the small bottles. Madelene and Isla had a joyful time with easel painting.

In the self-select section, children played with the blocks, sand pit play, baby toys and reading. Emerald children is developing the sense of agency day-to-day, they made their own choices and engaged in different learning experiences.

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