Welcome to the last day of the week!

Today we started our day by staying calm and talking about the weather in our outdoor with Katherine.

“It is going to be hot today.. I like eating Icecream when it’s hot” said Adeline

“I am putting on short sleeves because it is hot!” Lily said.

Similarly, Poppy added, “I have my hat.”

Likewise, in our group time, children enjoyed listening to the story “Jack and Beanstalk” with Bambi whereas with Amol, children enjoyed learning about the spring~ birds, butterflies and insects. Whilst some children engaged themselves in singing “Old Mac Donald” song. The group time enhance children’s concentration skills as well as develop the feeling of belonging.

Followed by learning center, some children participated in exploring the scientific nature of ice. Most of them replied –

“Ice disappeared”

“Ice melted into water”

“Ice is cold”

Other children showed off their creativity skills to create their version of butterfly by sticking enhancing their fine motor skill as they manipulates their fingers for sticking. Also, some children enjoyed making the plant from the Jack and Beanstalk by sticking and using their handprints enhancing their sensory skills.

Our active children participated in gross motor skills where they pretended to become a tiger and walked above the blue cones. This facilitate children’s gross motor skills in relation to their balance and hand-leg coordination.

During free play, some children participated into cutting whilst Nishka, Harry and Jack created their own musical ban and started to sing “Old Mac Donald”. Similarly, some engaged in solving puzzles and participated into pretend plays. These self-selected activities enhances sense of agency and reflects self identity.

Have a good weekend! 😊


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