Happy Monday everyone! On this beautiful Morning, the Aqua explorer started their day with self-selected activities. The snake tray was popular with the boys doing pretend play. The construction tables were busy with explorers building towers and vehicles. Inside, the Aqua explorers stretched and performed some of their favourite yoga moves. Outside in the yard, the children also enjoyed practice their climbing skills as well as rolling ball down the tunnel. The Aqua explorers had so much fun before literacy group time!

During literacy group time, the Aqua explorers were divided into three groups. With Nelson, the children sang some of their favourite song and read Elaria’s book. With Bambi, the children were excited to see her new books. They read the story ‘Baby Shark adventure’ and the children couldn’t help but sang baby shark at the end of the story time. With Liza, the children requested for the story ‘The superhero Bear’ they enjoyed the story so much, the children wanted to have a look at the story at the end of literacy group time.

During learning centre time, the Harry requested to look at Helena’s books, so Harry along with peers were busy looking at different stories from Helena’s book bag. Meanwhile with Bambi, the children continued to make bean stalk as an extension to the story ‘Jack and the bean stalk’. With Luciana, the children pretend to make pastries with sticky play dough, the children loved to explore the stick play dough! With Nelson the children practiced their physical skills through balancing, climbing, froggy jump an shooting goals. Inside the Aqua explorers were engaged with puzzles.

The Aqua explorers had such a busy day today!


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