Today, we got into the Halloween spirit. We had at a talk about things that make us think of Halloween. Some of the answers were bats, witches, super heroes, ghosts and vampires! We talked about how a pumpkin sometimes becomes a jack o lantern. We were then invited to make our own paper plate jack o lanterns with Amanda.

Tom asked us to help him make some orange and green playdough. We showed our awareness of measurements as we pointed out when the ingredients were coming close to the marks. We then got to make our own mini pumpkins!

Rosanna and Shoko invited us to make some Halloween lanterns! We had to have a lot of patience and strong fine motor skills to create them.

We also enjoyed time in 59, as we explored the new set up for our younger aged children. We loved being in the castle, drawing, and playing with the Paw Patrol items.

Happy belated birthday to Veronique! Thank you for bringing in a yummy cake to share!

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