Today is Tuesday! It’s been a fabulous day with warm weather and sunshine!

The children enjoyed group time with Bernice, where they read books about farm animals and sang ‘Old MacDonald’ lots of times! What a great way to encourage speech and language 😊

We had an energetic yoga session! We practiced our jumps, stretched our bodies up high and touched our toes! We love working on our animal poses and today we tried the lion pose … there was lots of roaring!

To continue our spook-tacular week … the children used their feet to print white footprints that look a lot like ghosts! It was so much fun to feel the paintbrush tickle our toes!

We used apples to print little pumpkins on paper…

And we used our fine motor skills to glue and stick stripes on our favourite cat ‘Mog’ from the book ‘Meg and Mog’! There was lots of meowing today too! 😊

Today we cooled off with the hose, built sandcastles in the sand and played with the trains. It was totally terrific!

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