We were excited to play with Gail’s insects today. We loved making homes for them using the tubes and engaged in some lovely dramatic play. We also showed excellent turn taking skills as we did this.

Shoko continued on with making her spider webs. We added yarn to our sticks to make them look more intricate! We will continue to add more to these webs tomorrow!

Sony invited us to look at a Rembrandt painting. We then relayed it to her how we were interpreting the painting. It was interesting to hear each child’s response and each was so unique.

Tima invited us to keep building and decorating our beautiful birdhouses. We are looking forward to hanging them up in a tree for our feathered friends.

We had a wonderful time at the Van Gogh Alive exhibit. We loved seeing all these artworks come to life. Playing at a new park and riding in the bus was also very exciting. A special thank you to Liz and Jo for being parent helpers!

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