It has been a very busy and engaging day!

With Sony, we drew our interpretations of the paintings. We then described what our drawings are. We have continued to show our clever thinking as we talk about our pictures.

We continued working on our spiderwebs with Shoko today. We made little spiders to add to our webs. We also did some paintings of webs as well.

Tima invited us to make some water colour paintings of all the lovely trees and Spring items around us. Our fine motor skills have really developed over the last few weeks, especially as we are painting.

Gail invited us to make some witches using our drawing and cutting skills. We cut out different sections of the witch and drew others.

Arturo continued to work on our monster paintings using our finger paintings skills. It has been fun completing sensory painting as we feel cool of the paint as we put it on the smooth paper.

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