Welcome back, it’s Monday! We hope you all had a lovely weekend and everyone is excited for the week ahead of us!

Today the children enjoyed group times with Cindy, Jasmine and Robyn, where they read books, played games and talked all about their weekends! Today we read our favourite Halloween book ‘Meg and Mog’ as we have some activities based around the book this week and thought we should refresh our memories!

It’s so lovely to hear the children’s voices and learn what they get up to on the weekends!

Time to shake off the weekend and get ready for our day with a spot of yoga! The children were excited to get started and helped each other with their shoes and socks 😊 We exercised our gross motor skills with animal poses, jumping and stretching!

We’ve been working on our ‘Meg and Mog’ display today! Meg puts lots of things into her cauldron to cast her spell … so today we painted beetles! The children used their fine motor skills and increased their vocabulary with words like ‘beetle’, ‘cauldron’ and ‘witch’!

Don’t forget to check out our spooky Halloween displays in the front yard!

The children have enjoyed their Monday playing with their friends and educators! We danced our little socks off throughout the day and built birthday cakes in the sand!

See you tomorrow!

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