Today, we made some spooky bats with Tima and Sony. We liked using the oil pastels on the black paper as the colour really stood out! We also went searching through the  “spider eggs for some hatched spiders.”

With Gail, we used the scoopers to fill up the beakers with rice and used the magnifying glasses to see how far it had gone on the line. We also used the black pegs to match the numbers on the plates. Lastly, we made brooms for our Halloween craft!

Shoko also had us in the Halloween Spirit. We made monsters out of playdough and lots of googly eyes. We also continued using the coloured rice and threading through the yarn looking for Halloween objects.

We also made some a broom with Arturo and measured it with Lego! It was also funny to see Amanda dressed up as the witch from “Room on the Broom!”

It has been lovely to see so many friends dressed up for Book Week.

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