Happy Tuesday! Today was a little bit rainy, but we sang some songs and soon the rain had gone!

Today the children had so much fun during group time with their educators. This week is book week and the children have been brought in some of their favourite books for us to read! There has even been a few dress ups!

We have really enjoyed sharing our books with everyone today 😊

In our yoga session this morning, the children had lots of fun jumping up and down and showing the new teachers their animal poses! We practiced our downward dog and really stretched our bodies.

Today for our Meg and Mog art and craft, the children painted wiggly worms to put in the cauldron. The children love pointing out their beautiful artwork on the walls!

We used our fine motor skills to paint green sheep and cover them in cotton balls, and we loved to draw sharks whilst we sang the baby shark song …

What a lovely day we have had cutting play dough with scissors, dancing in tutus and playing in cardboard boxes!

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