It was a cold and rainy day today at Aqua. The children still had just as much fun but mostly inside.

Some of the children started their morning in the book area with Hannah, they sat and listened to stories with her. They love to listen to the teacher’s books and it’s great for their language skills to develop.

Outside Sara and Edward explored the box, they enjoyed opening and closing the different doors. They got excited when they could see each other through to the other side.

Thomas loves to play with the ball and often is seen running around the yard kicking the ball.

Inside there was many activities, Georgia, Luca, Leo, Addison and Alexia explored shapes. They had to match the shape to the picture in front of the, they are very clever and could complete by themselves.

We separated into our groups for learning centre time and the children enjoyed different stories, songs and many visual learning with their teachers. Then we went to small groups to do learning centre time.

With Liza the children made a shopping basket full of healthy food.

With Bambi the children where exploring nature and used leaves to colour and get the shape onto the paper.

With Katherine some of the children made a spider for Halloween, Sara enjoyed this activity and smiled as she saw her hand making the spider shape.

Playdough was a hit with Addison and Jack, just look at their excitement as they showed Donna some nice shapes they made.

But the greatest excitement today at Aqua was the children found a baby caterpillar. They brought him inside and watched him move around, the children were so excited to see his many legs, it was amazing to hear them talk about him eating lots of leaves, how he would make a cocoon and become a beautiful butterfly.

After a while of watching him move around the paper they placed him outside on a leave and waved goodbye to him.

What a wonderful fun filled day, we hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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