Happy hump day everyone! The Aqua explorers started this beautiful morning with various self-selected experiences. With Alejandra, the explorers stretched and relax with yoga. Meanwhile Saige, Elise and Georgia were busy cooking up a storm at the home corner. At the inside table, the children practice their cognitive skills through puzzles. Outside, the Aqua explorers enjoyed pretend dinning in the sandpit and building structure with different blocks.

It is lovely to see everyone is dress up! Today the children dressed up as superheros, princesses, fire fighters as well as characters from different children’s TV shows. The Aqua explores also enjoyed sharing their books from home! During literacy time, the Aqua explorers enjoyed showing off the books they brought from home and listen to all the new stories. Thank you very much for sharing them!

During learning centre session, the children continued with the Halloween theme and made zombies with Natasha, the explorers were busy making different patterns on their zombies. With Alejandra, the explorers were busy exploring the Halloween tray. They explored the concept of volume by filling in the cups and loved searching for the creepy crawlies inside the tray. With Bambi, the children made ghosts with their footprints. The children had so much fun with the Halloween activities. With Donna, the children exercise their cognitive and language skills with a charade game. Outside, the Explorers pretended to be firemen and were busy putting out the fire! With Liza the explorer went on a bear hunt around the yard.

The explorers had such a busy Wednesday today!

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