Today the children have being enjoy time together or with their teacher reading the many stories they have brought for book week. There was Elsa, paw petrol, pumpkin stories and space stories and many more of the children’s interest. We enjoyed the time together sitting as a small group.

Aqua teachers have enjoyed watching the children come dressed up in their wonderful outfits, Mom’s and Dad’s you have being amazing in the evening organising the costumes.

Outside today was a big hit, the sun was shining and there was lots of laughter. The sand pit was a hit as always, the children worked together in a small team making castles, cakes and many different things in the pit.

The cubby house also was a favourite. The teachers put books inside and the children chilled looking at them.

Levi White is often found building many different objects with the blocks. One day I see you as an architect.

Some of the children stood in a row on the beam and enjoyed being the monkeys, they sang the song using cognitive skills to remember the words, then jumped down as the crocodile snapped them from the tree.

At group time the children shared their books, Evelyn even surprised us with a pumpkin head. The children really enjoyed her story about Halloween.

A big hit today also was the orange rice. The children enjoyed exploring the objects inside, there was eyes, spiders, cups and spoons. The children loved scooping and pouring the rice into the cups.

The children are loving exploring all about Halloween. They continue to create many wonderful, scary pictures. There is ghosts and pumpkins on our wall now for our parents to see our magic creations.

In the afternoon, we celebrated Isabelle’s birthday!

Happy birthday Isabelle!

What a fun filled day at Aqua. Have a wonderful evening.

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