Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week – our last week of October with Halloween to look forward to at the end of the week … spooky! 😊

We had lots of lovely group times today. The children love to sit and talk about the weather and have lots to say when asked about their weekend! Today the children enjoyed playing with Cindy’s toy box, singings songs with Jasmine and reading books with Robyn!

The weather this week is a bit rainy and a bit chilly, so we warmed up our bodies today with a little yoga session! We exercised our gross motor skills with big movements like jumping and stretching up high like a tree. The girls have been working on their synchronised yoga too …

Our Halloween activity today was to make a spell by mixing lots of different things in our ‘cauldron’. The children used a basket, toys and their imagination to stir up their mixture just like in ‘Meg and Mog’. They chanted “bubble, bubble, bubble” and said “Abracadabra!” really loudly to cast their spell!

This was so much fun and really great for creativity and role playing!

Today we used blocks to press into our play dough to see what shapes they would make!

We’ve had a fabulous but rainy Monday!

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