What a beautiful sunny day to finish of our fun week in Aqua. The children have being applying sun cream and wearing their hats to stay sun safe. Please remember to provide your child with a hat that has their name clearly printed on it.

It has been a wonderful week filled with many amazing costumes and books. thanks to all parents who took the time in the evening to get it ready, we know only to well how busy life is. The children have had such excitement coming and sharing the books with us. Today we had many amazing characters from stories.

At group time all the children shared the book they had choosing to bring, and we read some also. We love to sing hello in many different languages and welcome each other daily. The children are really starting to use concentration skills and listen as their friends talk at group time. they love singing our nursery songs and are heard all around the room while they join in.

After group time we joined small groups with our teachers, we concentrate on many different activities.

With Liza the children got to pet marshmallow, they love when he comes for a visit and care learning how to take care of him and to be ever so gentle with him. Learning to care for pets has many benefits for the children, it helps them be aware of the needs of others. The children love to watch him eat.

With Nelson the children had to complete an obstacle course. Harry joined in and tried very hard to jump over the cones using his large gross motor.

With Katherine the children used droppers to drop water onto the cotton pad and mixing colours to make one, for example (yellow and blue makes green). They children manipulated the drops well with their fine motor skills.

With Donna the children had a fun activity for Halloween, we made pumpkin balloons using sand inside and drawing a face on the orange balloon. Donna then hide them around the room and the children had to go on a pumpkin hunt. After Lily and Edward hid them from us and then we searched again and again. The children really enjoyed the hunt and are super excited for Halloween.

We hope all Aqua families have a wonderful weekend, stay safe and we will see you all on Monday.

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