Tuesday is here! This week is shaping up to be a wet one, but we’ve got lots of wet weather activities planned to keep us busy 😊

The children settled down for group time with their educators. Together we talked about Halloween, read stories and sang all of our favourite songs. Our singings voices were on top form today!

We warmed up our bodies with yoga! The children were excited to get started and helped to set up their mats. They loved making themselves super tall like a big tree, and then really small like a little ball! We finished off our session with some stretches and butterfly poses!

Today the children decorated pumpkins for our Halloween bunting. They used their fine motor skills to draw on their pumpkins with coloured crayons. It’s lovely to hear the children’s voices with words like “pumpkin”, “Halloween”, “orange” and “drawing”!

We also decorated spooky bats with white paint and fun paintbrushes!

What a lovely day we have had – dancing, building towers and having tea parties in the home corner!

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