Today started with lots of exploring outside, the children love the sand pit and made many different cakes and castles. They also loved pushing the cars around the pit.

Inside some of the children explored the home corner. They had so much fun pretending to be the moms and dads going shopping. The children have been enjoying the handbags that our director Emily gave us to explore. They are so funny when talking about going to Coles and doing the shopping.

Outside at the block table, Levi White, Leo and Edward were making some awesome space rockets. They used their concentration skills and worked hard alone till they completed them. Then they flow them in the air.

Inside some of the girls did some drawing with Alejandra, Nishka was creative and look the way she is holding her marker already. Clever girl!!

At the puzzle table, Emily and Levi Elliott enjoyed some time completing the puzzles. they showed off their cognitive skills by remembering were the piece fit.

We separated into small groups and joined in on songs and listened to some spooky stories, the children are super excited to dress up for Halloween on Friday.

Learning centre time, the children joined Donna in a pumpkin hunt, they had to hide their eyes and then when Lily was finished hiding them, the children had to look for them. The children really enjoyed this experience and asked to do it again and again. You could here laughter all around as they found the pumpkins.

Lisa group cut out some healthy food and glued them onto paper. They spoke about the fruit and veg they like to eat.

With Helena the children made cloud dough, they used oil, food colouring, flour, and conditioner to make it soft. Making dough has many benefits one being the children start to understand Literacy and numeracy, it is a great opportunity to teach maths by learning measurements.

Unfortunately, the incursion was cancelled today, but that did not stop us having lots of fun.

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