To start the day the children participated in yoga with Alejandra, they do be super excited to do the poses with her.

There is a lot of excitement in aqua today as the children talk about what they will dress up as tomorrow. The children then sat with Alejandra and painted some scary spiders, ghosts, pumpkins and many different scary creatures on their hand.

With Bambi they went on a nature hunt, they collected falling leaves in the garden then made some head bands. There was a mouse and owls.

Outside the children were so excited as Liza put up a tent in the garden and they got to explore inside, there was lots of laughter heard as they took turns going inside it.

Sand pit was a big hit as always and Charlie and Nicolas’s worked hard as a team and made a big hole in the sand.

With Katherine some of the children completed the puzzles she made for them. They had to put them in the right order from the top of their bodies to the bottom. The children were so eager to have a turn there was a line at her learning centre table. Levi White you are so clever and completed it without the aid of the teacher.

What a fun filled day, the rain won’t stop Aqua children from having lots of fun.

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