We’ve been busy today getting ready for Halloween.

With Arturo, we continued creating a skeleton on black paper. This time, we were able to choose how we wanted to shape the skeleton. Some of us decided to make them with cotton buds, while others decided to cut and paste the shapes. Either way, the white bones looked amazing on the black paper.

Gail has set up one of our favorite activities, a witch’s magic potion making experiment! We had a lot of fun mixing the ingredients and observing the chemical reactions. We were also able to choose the color of the potion.

Shoko presented an opportunity for us to participate in dramatic play. We took care of the baby dolls by feeding them, brushing their hair, dressing them, or cuddling them. Then we decided to extend our play to mummies and daddies. Each of us took a role and acted out as a family. We enjoyed being mummies and daddies as well as babies and pet!

In 59, we again sang Halloween song ‘Five little pumpkins sitting on the gate’ with Tima. We enjoyed singing and counting numbers together. After, Tima invited us to paste 5 pumpkins and numbers on the paper. We counted each pumpkin then pasted the matching number from 1 to 5.

With Sony, we made pumpkins by combining the paper in the shape of a fan. We carefully folded orange paper and pasted pumpkins eyes, nose and mouth.

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