Happy Friday and Happy Halloween! We’ve had such a wonderful day participating in fun Halloween activities in our spooky costumes 😊

In our group times today, we talked about Halloween and the different costumes everyone was wearing! We read our favourite books, including our Halloween themed books too … and we sang songs! It’s so fun to see the children excited about Halloween!

To get ready for our busy day, the children joined in with a yoga session where we stretched our bodies and explored the animal poses that we practice every day!

Today the children had so much fun gluing and sticking to decorate bats! They used their fine motor skills to carefully push the tissue paper onto their bats!

The children really enjoyed searching through shaving foam to find the hidden spiders!

They explored more spiders on the sticky spider’s web….

What a lovely way to end our spook-tacular week 😊 Thank you for dressing up and playing with us!

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