Hello and welcome back! It’s Monday, the start of a brand-new week in the Emerald room … and it’s November! Where has this year gone!?

Today the children kicked things off with fabulous group times with their educators! We read our favourite books, sang lots of songs and played little games together. We talked about our weekends and the weather – such a lovely way to engage the children in meaningful interactions and conversations!

We had lots of fun painting hungry caterpillars using sponge brushes and rollers – a great way to encourage fine motor skills. We love the hungry caterpillar too and enjoy reading the books together.

A song the children have been loving at the moment is ‘5 little speckled frogs’! They love to join in with the actions and sing together. Today the children painted lovely little green speckled frogs!

We enjoyed our Monday playing in the sandpit, in the home corner and exploring the cubby house! What a fun start to the week 😊

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