Today is another warm sunny day. the children have been having lots of fun outside. They have been using their hats to stay sun safe and putting sun cream on. Outside there was lots happening as always. The sand pit was full of children, digging and making many nice things for each other. They made cakes, morning tea, lunch and many more.

Inside there was a lot of cooking happening also, Isla was cooking up some toast for Donna. We spent lots of time together getting to know each other at this area. I can see Isla is quiet found of the dolls and pretend play. She also made coffee for some peers.

Charlotte had fun dressing her baby and packing up the bag for her doll with bottle, nappies, and spare clothes.

Outside the children have been enjoying time in the pirate cubby house. They helped Liza set it up then sat together inside and chatted to each other.

Jake also spent time inside with Walies, getting to know her.

At group times we sat and listened to new stories Liza got at the shop. It had a cd, so we had to do extra listening. We really enjoyed the one about th fire engine and the sound it makes (nee naw).

After group time we went to smaller groups.

With Donna this week we are learning and understanding NAIDOC week. We looked at symbols and made our own with white paint.

With Alejandra we are learning the letters of the alphabet and then doing the first initial of our name.

With Liza we joined as a team and are making a hungry caterpillar so we can feed him healthy foods.

With Bambi we made our very own tree with leaves we collected form our garden.

Happy Tuesday everyone. We had a fun day today.

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