It was all about gross motor activity today.

With Arturo, we cooperatively build climbing frame dome. It was challenging because it had to be assembled in order, but we all worked together and we managed to accomplish it. Everyone was excited to try out the new equipment. However, we had to give each other a turn, so we sat patiently and waited our turn. We look forward to trying it again and again to show what we can do!!

Rosanna invited us to make a fancy hat. We arranged the round paper into the shape of a hat and drew patterns on it with a pen. Then we decorated it with feathers and glitter. Choosing the colors was fun. It was also fun to see friend’s hat as we all made different hats of different colors and designs.

With Shoko, we made playdough. We followed the recipe and made it accordingly. We carefully threw the flour and salt into the bowl, while measuring out the amount. It was a great opportunity to engage with the numbers. We enjoyed the whole process of adding ingredients and mixing and kneading. At first, playdough was hard so we had to use our whole body, not just our arms when kneading. It was a great feeling to touch playdough, which gets softer and smoother as we knead it.

In 59, we kept working on numbers and letters. With Time we talked about our age. We looked for the number of our age from the chart, then we asked friend how old are they. To reinforce our understanding of numbers, we played Hop scotch game. It was fun way to review the numbers as well as practicing gross motor skill.

With Sony, we rubbed crayons on the surface of the tree to see what kind of pattern we could create. It was interesting because we can make different patterns depending on which part of the tree we rubbed.

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