November has begun. We are looking forward to having fun with our friends and learning more this month.

With Arturo, we enhanced our fine motor skill as well as pre-literacy and numeracy skill through fun games. We played JENGA with numbers written on it, which deepened our understanding of numbers. It was tricky to remove the blocks with the assigned numbers on them while trying to keep the tower from collapsing, but we had lots of fun!

Kruti suggested us to create art with fallen leaves as it was windy and there were lots of different colored leaves has fallen in the yard. We worked with our friends to pick up those fallen leaves. Then we colored them and stuck them on white paper. Working with natural materials to create art has given us a great opportunity to get in touch with nature.

With Shoko, we have shown our creativity. We used large waffle blocks to co-build a tall house. Since the houses got taller and taller, we consulted with each of us about our roles in the construction process. After finished building the house, we decided to line them up on the ground. We ended up playing hopscotch with it. We waited patiently for our turn and had fun playing with our friends.

In 59, we worked on numbers. Tima provided us with a piece of paper with numbers on it and we carefully traced the numbers from 1 to 10. We showed our concentrating skill and understanding of numbers.

With Sony, we did dot painting. We used tree branches to color the bark of the tree. Again, it was great opportunity for us to connect with nature.

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