What an amazing start to our day today. The children all got together and worked so hard as a team by making a big house for everyone to live in together. They used their language skills to communicate in what they were to do ‘’wear a hat’’, ‘’stay safe’’. When they finished building the house some of the children sat inside while the others continued to build.

It was so special to see most of the children come together and work as a team to complete their project. It will help in forming friendships and building trust in each other.

Yoga also was happening, and we had a full house joining Alejandra to complete the pose and get our bodies and minds ready for all the learning today.

We went into 3 different groups and we welcomed everyone to school, we love singing the Hello song in many different languages. The children displayed their developing cognitive skills by remembering hello in different ways.

After we had learning centre time. With Alejandra the children played a matching game. They also displayed cognitive skills by remembering were the match was. They laughed as one of their friends found the match.

With Donna and Caroline, we continue to learn and focus on NAIDOC week. They made some aboriginal symbols and with Caroline they made the aboriginal flag. Learning about NAIDOC week will help the children respect different cultures and that everyone is equal and respected.

With Liza they continue to learn all about the importance of choosing healthy food, they then had the opportunity to choose healthy options to feed Mr Caterpillar. They really enjoyed the activity.

Helena had a lovely creative experience for the children to enjoy. Using paint, they made their mark on some tinfoil paper she made for them.

What a fun filled day at Aqua and a sunny one, stay safe in the sun everyone.


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