We have been learning about our body with Arturo. Today, we focused on how muscle on our hands works. After Arturo explained to us in detail, we understood that muscles and tendons work together to move hands and fingers. To visualize that understanding, we did a hand-shaped craft. First, we traced the shape of the hand and cut it out. Then we stuck a straw on each finger and threaded a string through it. When we pull on a string that represents a tendon, the finger bends!! It was very interesting to watch how fingers bend.

With Shoko, we have been talking about indigenous people and their culture as NAIDOC week is approaching. Today, we focused on the Aboriginal flag. We learned that each color of the flag – black, red and yellow – has a meaning. Then Shoko invited us for collage art activity. We tore black, yellow and red crape paper and we stuck them on to create the pattern of the Aboriginal flag. Some people tore the paper into small pieces and pasted it on, while others stuck it on in large pieces. Either way, we enjoyed this art activity. Some of us preferred to paint the flag. We remembered the three colors we needed and painted them apart.

In 59, we engaged in Aboriginal art activity too. Sony invited us to do Dot-painting on feathers. We used blue, red, yellow and orange paints. We used thin wooden stick to add colours. Painting on the feathers was a bit of a challenge, but it was fun to do something different. It was a detailed task and we needed to use our concentrating skill and fine motor skill.

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