Happy Wednesday! We have had a wonderful day of arts and crafts and other activities!

Today the children settled into group time and read their favourite books together. We read a lovely book about a wombat and another one about farm animals. Group time is a great opportunity to introduce the children to books about Aboriginal and Australian history and culture! We love to talk about the different colours and animals we can see 😊

We enjoyed yoga today! We experimented with some fun Australian animal poses; like a wombat and a snake! How fun! The children loved to make the hissing sound too. This is a fun way to learn more about animals, encourage speech and language, as well as enhance physical development!

Continuing with NAIDOC, the children had so much fun gluing and sticking red, black and yellow paper into a paper plate to represent the Aboriginal flag.

We used our fine motor skills to paint a map of Australia with chopsticks and red, black and yellow paint!

What a great day of exploring we have had! The children loved rolling play dough into balls and putting them into egg cartons! We played with water to cool down in the afternoon and we had a lovely day playing together! 😊

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