We were sad to see the rain back again today but that won’t stop us from having lots of fun in Aqua we just have to do it indoors.

To start the day off right we relaxed our bodies and minds with some yoga. The children are now good at their yoga poses and we are sure they could teacher their parents at home. Evelyn and Harry love to join and are always ready with their mats.

Alice and Elise enjoyed exploring the puzzles together. They are also getting good and developing cognitive skills as they remember were the piece goes.

There was lots of excitement in the room this morning as Tin Tin has came to spend the day with us from nursery. Lots of our older children remember her from when they were babies at Emerald. They really enjoyed spending time with her, and they made many towers with blocks for her.

Jake was really engrossed in the blocks today. he especially enjoyed the bridge ones. He lined them up as he explored them.

Many of the children spent time in the kitchen area making food for each other.

At group time we split into 3 groups. We spent time saying hello to everyone then we listened to stories and nursery rhymes. The children especially enjoyed the new story Donna had, ‘’Wash your Face in Orange Juice’’ it was called. The children laughed so much while listening.

We then started learning centre time, the children joined Donna to continue learning different symbols, and some children joined Tin Tin in making some beautiful aboriginal marks with the colours green and red. The children were always so engaged and enjoyed the experiences.

With Bambi the children made play dough with the colours green, red and yellow.

With Liza the children helped feed the hungry caterpillar some healthy food, he was hungry and got many nutritious foods today.

After we joined Helena to do some bonkers Beat. The children get super excited when bonkers visits and they get to make beats on his drum.

We all at Aqua would like to wish Evelyn an incredibly Happy 3rd Birthday today, we are happy we get to spend it with you. Thank you for bringing the lovely cupcakes to share with us.

What a fun rainy day we all had. Have a lovely evening.





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