It’s Thursday! It was a little bit rainy today, but the children enjoyed lots of fun activities that kept us nice and busy 😊

During our group time today, the children loved sharing their educator’s books and stories together. When we aren’t reading books, we are singing lots of songs and following along with the actions with our hands. What a fun way to start our day!

Let’s shake off those rainy day blues … with some yoga! The children were excited to join in today and couldn’t wait to start moving their bodies.

What better to paint on a rainy day … than our very own umbrellas! The children used paintbrushes to decorate them and they look fantastic!

The children have really been enjoying the book ‘Diary of a Wombat’ recently! They love to see what cheeky things he gets up to 😊 Today we painted our own cheeky wombat and the children had so much fun!

What a busy day we’ve had! The children used their fine motor skills to lift up the flaps to see what is hiding beneath and they used their gross motor skills to play some basketball! We are all going to be NBA stars!

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