Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 😊 It’s a lovely sunny day and the children have enjoyed lots of fun activities!

We started off with group time with our educators. Together we talked about the weather, the days of the week, what we did on the weekend and NAIDOC week! We read our favourite books and sang lots of songs.

We had so much fun during our yoga session today! The children helped collect the mats and take off their shoes and socks. We warmed up our bodies with gross motor movements that engage the whole body and then practiced our animal poses too!

Today the children had a great time using ‘mud’ … paint mixed with sand … to paint a lovely picture! They used red and black mud with paintbrushes to paint just like Indigenous Australians used to. We had a lot of fun feeling the paint with our hands to explore the texture.

What a fun day! The children used the easel to draw lovely drawings and we spent our day solving puzzles together 😊

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