It was so great to see the sun back today. the children are running around smelling like sun cream. They are getting good at taking their hats from their pockets and using them to stay safe from the sun.

Starting the morning of some of the children joined Donna on the mat for some dancing. The children are enjoying some new books from her treasure bag and their favourite is ‘’wash your face in orange juice’’. Alice really enjoyed dancing with her friend Isla.

When Celina arrived, herself and Kavya had a great conversation about Elsa on their clothes, they laughed as they pointed at each other’s.

Puzzles are a big hit this last while in Aqua and the children show their cognitive skills as they remember were the pieces go. Isla and Alice are getting so good at completing them.

We had some nice stories and songs with our teachers in our small groups. Also, we spoke about Naidoc week and what it represents.

Learning centre time, we then got creative with Bambi and made an Aboriginal flag with all our handprints. The children learnt all about the different colours on the flag. Red for the earth, yellow for the sun, and black to represent Aboriginal people.  We did many different types of creative experiences for Naidoc week and have been extremely interested in the activities.

Some of the children joined Natasha for some development of fine motor skills. They used the scissors to chop pieces of paper. The children are gaining great control of the scissors.

Nelson was back at school today; we were super excited to see him. The children had many hugs for him and enjoyed some gross motor activities at learning centre time.

Marshmallow took his weekly visit, the children are learning to be gentle with him and love to watch him as he eats. They laugh when his mouth moves from side to side.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and we will see everyone on Monday.




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