Today is another beautiful warm day. The children have been having lots of fun at, running, jumping, and playing in the outdoor area.

Thomas started his morning with so puzzles, while Harry built a big house with the large blocks.

Outside in the sand area, some of the children made some breakfast for each other, they scooped and poured with the shovels. When they finished, they said ‘’now breakfast’’?

Annabel decided she would try make a tower with the stick bricks. She tried her best to get it big and tall, but they would not stay up.

She then joined Alejandra to do some yoga. Annabel loves to join in and is particularly good at completing the yoga poses. She always has a smile when participating.  Harry also joined in for a bit.

Playdough was a big hit, and today the children used the scissors to cut the dough into little pieces. Alice told Donna ‘’Isla share’’ as Isla rolled some snakes with the dough and gave them to her. Alice had a big smile on her face.

Evelyn, Emily and Alexia enjoyed some time outside together, they have become good friends and are often seen reading books. Today Evelyn brought a lovely book to share he had got for a birthday present. The children enjoyed listening to the CD.

After group times the children went on an adventure to Crimson yard, when we arrived there was something special set up in the yard. It was an incursion all about a Kookaburra called Chelsea. There also was a kola called benny, which was her friend.

The children watched as the Kookaburra hatched from its egg and learnt how to fly. We watched as she learnt lots of new things, how to laugh, dance and land when she was finished flying. Chelsie the Kookaburra ate worms for dinner and the children made a funny noise as they watched. They did not want to eat worms. The children helped her choose the right things she would need to grow, she needed lots of water they said, and food. Not plastic or paper.

The kookaburra also danced with hula hoops and at one stage got stuck in a small one. She had some baby kookaburra’s and thought us all about the importance of recycling.

What a fun filled day at Aqua today, the children went on great adventures.


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