What a lovely Wednesday at Aqua. Today the children came to school smiling and with big hellos. It is so great to see all children happy to come see us.

Saige, Thomas, and Charlotte started their morning together doing some writing. They like to pretend they are the teachers and are filling out the food register for the babies.

In the kitchen Lily and Adeline started to play with the dolls, they also love to play pretend and will pat babies like the teachers.

Alejandra and some of the children got their bodies ready for the day, they met on the mats o do some yoga and rest their minds.

Outside there was lots of building happing, the children were exploring magnets and building blocks, one of Levi’s favourite things to do is build, he loves building tall towers and does be proud when he completes them.

Nicolas enjoyed cooking in the sandpit, he used the frying pan and made lunch.

Charles explored the zoo animals and even decided he would sit in the pit with them.

A group of children had such a giggle covering Liza feet in the sand, they laughed when they could not see them.

Learning centre time was very busy, the children joined Donna to make fireworks in a jar for Diwali, while Lisa made Rangoli (lucky charm) with the children for Diwali.

With Wallis the children made Torres Strait Islander flag to celebrate NADIOC.

With Nelson the children complete an obstacle course, it helps to develop their large and small gross motor skills.

Bambi helped the children make binoculars from recycled toilet roll holders. The children loved checking for bugs with them and many other things in the garden.

We had a super fun day at Aqua today full of many adventures.

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