Happy Thursday everyone, it is an extremely hot day and the children have been enjoying lots of water play in the garden.  They laughed so much when Donna put the water hose on sprinkler and sprinkled their heads. It is always so lovely to here the children laughing, and so nice to see them so settled and happy in the environment.

This morning when Harvey, Harry and Thomas arrived they asked could they please play with spiderman and the hulk. They were like little old men talking to each other about what the superheroes do.

Alejandra had a big group this morning join them and it was so amazing to see Annabel complete the poses without the aid of the teacher, they are all very clever and now could nearly take the yoga class themselves.

Lily drew a nice picture of her home and she even drew herself inside the home.

Outside the sand and blocks were a big hit as always. The children dig, scoop, and pour strengthening their fine motor skills

Also, while building with blocks they are developing fine motor skills.

Liza build an awesome tent for the children in the yard and all of them took turns sitting inside, Evan loved to close the door and sit with the girls with the baby dolls.

Learning centre time was full of fun activities, with Liza the children continue to celebrate Diwali with her. They made some Rangoli with her and are super proud when they saw it displayed on the wall.

Alejandra made some nice flowers and a flowerpot with the children, learning all about how we take care of all things in the world.

With Tingting the children made some awesome aboriginal decorations for our trees in the garden, the children were so eager to join in and loved using materials found in the garden.

Bambi did some cutting with the children to help develop hand and eye and fine motor control.

We had a wonderful fun filled day at Aqua today, we hope you have a nice evening.

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