Happy Friday to all our Aqua families. The children have had a fun filled day, exploring many activities in the room and outside also. They were super excited to see a snail on our bird house today in the garden. The children said that it is nice to share the bird’s food with Mr Snail.

The Aqua teachers would like to say a huge thank you to Nishkas Mom, Dipti for taking time out in her morning schedule to come and celebrate Diwali with us she made some wonderful rangoli with colourful sand. The children were so excited when they saw a flower forming in the tray. The children then had the opportunity to help fill in the colours in the flower. Some of the children even enjoyed walking in it and they have ended up with colourful feet and hands.

We were also so happy to see Nishka and her Mom dressed up in their traditional dresses. They were beautiful.

The children explored blocks with Carolina outside, they built many towers.

The girls were so excited to see the dolls heads at the bottom of the garden, we borrowed them from crimson, and they became hairdressers for the day. they really enjoyed brushing and doing the dolls hairs.

Isaac and Henry had super time in the garden together, they put all the blocks together and then decided they would jump on it like a bouncing castle.

Nicholas enjoyed the cubby house, he laughed as he popped outside to frighting his friends.

We had a special little guy visit from Nursery today. Lily’s little brother came and played and had morning tea with his sister. All the children love when Henry visits and it is so nice to see how they care and mind him while he is here in the room.

Playdough was a big hit as always and the children made some wonderful shapes, snakes and cakes with it.

Have a wonderful weekend Aqua group! Stay Safe and we will see you Monday.

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