It was a beautiful sunny day. Some of us started our day by doing Yoga. It was very relaxing to do yoga in the warm sunshine.


With Arturo, we continued to learn about the human body, especially its internal organs. We cut and pasted each organ in the right order and in the right place. We could see that there are many organs in our body and each one plays an important role.


Shoko invited us to create Aboriginal Dot painting. We first learned that in the past, Aboriginal people used soil to paint on cave walls and other surfaces. After, we chos     e our favourite Aboriginal symbols and coloured them with cotton buds. We enjoyed it so much to put dots on different symbols.


Amol also set up art experience for us. We painted and the pictures of the lizards with aboriginal patterns. After, some of us decided to draw a lizard and put the original design on it. It was interesting to see how we each designed it differently.



In 59, we continued painting our banner of Australia with Tima. We have painted the shape of Australia in red yesterday, today we added blue for the ocean. It was fun to use various types of brush as they each made a different pattern on the banner. We are planning to paint some Aboriginal symbols on the banner tomorrow.


Sony invited us to paint the Aboriginal flag in the shape of Australia. We used cotton buds to add red, yellow and black. Then we put blue and red colours on our hands and printed next to it.


After, we again made a Yarning circle which has been used by Indigenous peoples from around the world for communicating with respect. We each had a turn to share our stories, some of us talked about the most enjoyable activity they did, others talked about their exciting plans for the weekend.



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