Thursday is here!

In learning centre time with Arturo, we continued learning about our body. In group time, we discussed the role of muscles and reviewed the structure of internal organs. After that we did an activity where we wrote human body and internal organs on a piece of paper on which only the head was drawn.



In 59, we started learning about famous Hindu festival Diwali, the festival of lights. Sony explained to us how she and her family celebrate this exciting festival. Then she introduced us some words related to Diwali, such as Rangoli (art form using coloured rice or sand), Diya (candle holder), Lakshmi (God of the wealth) and so on. After she invited us to create candles using gold paper and paper cup for muffin. We glued them on the paper and added water color paints to represent the burning flames. We were so excited to use the dropper to put the colors on the paper. It was fun!


In the afternoon on the veranda, Oliver, Harvey D, Arda and Max were cooperatively building skyscrapers. They dexterously combined blocks of various sizes and shapes, making them progressively larger and taller. Along the way, there were occasions when parts of the building collapsed, but they did not give up and communicated with each other well and fix it. Arda especially enjoyed driving the car on the slope of the roof of the building. Oliver saw the impact of the car when it fell to the ground and decided to put a cushion there. What a good idea!!!

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