Today, the Puppet Theater came to the Crimson room. We watched excitedly while Sophia set it up on the veranda. Before the show began, Oscar and Harvey E were chosen to help her out of handling puppets. We were able to wait quietly for the play to start and those sitting in the front could sit down so that the people in the back could see better. We enjoyed the show very much. Some of us requested Sophia to do it again.


Group time in the 59, Time introduced us indigenous book called ‘The Hairy one’. Thought this book, we got to know Aboriginal culture and also their way of living. After, Sony invited us to do painting activity. We each drew our favourite scene, referring to the book. It was fun to see how different and unique the drawings were, even if they were based on the same book. Sony asked us why we painted that particular scene, so we each answered our favourite part of the scene.

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