It was another sunny day. We enjoyed playing in the yard under the sunshine. Of course, we didn’t forget to apply sunscreen and put our hat on.


Because it was hot, Arturo made a very shallow pool. We sat on the edge of the pool and dipped our feet in the water to cool off. Also, we enjoyed floating the boat into the water. It was so much fun!!!


Shoko showed us a video clip that explained all about Diwali, Festival of the light. We learned how people celebrate Diwali over 5days. We also learned some of the words associated with the festival. And then Sony explained to us how she celebrated Diwali with her family. It was interesting to know about the festival in a different culture.


We explored the design of Mehndi, Henna tattoo. Ekta explained about it and she drew Mehndi designs on our hands or arms. We loved it so much that we showed it around to other Crimson friends.


We enjoyed working with coloured sand as well. With Amol, we created Rangoli patterns on the floor. We drafted outlines first and arranged yellow and orange sand. It was a great experience to work together with our friends to create artwork.


With Sony, we also created Rangoli but in different colours. We placed orange, green, blue and yellow sand on individual pieces of paper to create a pattern. It was exciting to watch the paper get decorated with sand in colorful.


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