Gail is back from holiday. We were super excited to see her back and didn’t forget to tell her that we missed her so much.

Max and Teos were wearing the same t-shirt, which was very cool! They looked extremely happy and were going around showing their t-shirts to all the educators and friends. It looked great on you two!


In the learning centre time, we made playdough with Amol and Shoko. We first looked at the recipe to check what ingredient and how much we need. Then we decided to make red and green play dough today. We measured each ingredient with a cup and spoon and carefully added to the bowl. We took turns and helped each other. It was interesting to watch something powdery gradually come together. After finished making playdough, we made ice creams using Diya (candle holder for Diwali).


In 59, we made Diya which is candle holder used for Diwali. With Sony’s help, we shaped it with clay first and let it dry in the morning. And then we painted colourful in the afternoon. It was tricky to form as clay is harder than playdough, however, it was good practice to strengthen our muscle.


Thank you Sophia (student in workplacement) for showing us an ‘Upside down glass of water experiment’. We placed the thick paper on the top of the glass of water, then flip the glass over. When we removed our hand from the bottom, the paper stayed covering the glass and the water didn’t spill out. We were all amazed by the result. It was just like MAGIC! This hands-on experiment was such a fun way to learn scientific concepts and stimulated our scientific thinking.



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