Happy Monday! Welcome back to another lovely week in the Emerald room! We hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and are ready for lots of fun! 😊

This morning the children settled in for group time with their educators. We love to read books and sing songs! Coming into December, we have been introducing the children to Christmas songs and they are loving them!

We enjoy group time with the children and have meaningful conversations about their weekend, what we are going to do today and how they’re feeling!

Yoga was very exciting today! Rita lead the yoga session today and the children couldn’t wait to show off what they’ve been learning. They stretched their bodies and had so much fun exercising their gross motor skills.

What a fun day of craft we’ve had! It’s always fun joining in with arts and crafts on a rainy day! Today the children painted lovely blue boats and decorated starfish with orange paper!

We also read lots of books and participated in our Bonker’s Beat music program where we sang songs and played musical instruments – today we used our water bottle shakers!

Thanks for a marvellous Monday! 😊

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