To start the morning the children joined Alejandra on the mat to do some yoga. They love to do the poses and learn all about different words in Spanish as Alejandra will say the pose in English and then in her language. Harry is always the first boy to join her as he loves yoga.

All the boys joined TingTing on the mat to explore the cars. They love transporting them around the mat and enjoyed being with their peers.

They were lots of dancing happening today on the mat to Elsa, the girls especially love to put dresses on and twirl around.

Today we had a lovely new friend join us. Her name is India, and she has had a wonderful morning getting to know her teachers and peers. She was quite happy and enjoyed the kitchen area and then group time. India sang and danced with her peers on the mat. She spent a lot of time with Donna the educator, we had fun getting to know each other.

A group of children joined Helena at the table and made some playdough. They love to help, especially when they get to do the mixing.

At group time the children are really practicing lots with their wonderful singing voices. We are getting ready for our Christmas show. They are working hard and it’s nice to hear all the lovely Christmas songs. After the Christmas concert practice, the children read some of their favourite stories and requested to look at educator’s books.

Learning centre time was full of creative experiences, the children are making lovely Christmas trees, stockings and many more crafts.

They enjoyed the dough they made and other sensory experiences, sand, and the vehicles. The boys especially enjoyed this one.

With Tingting, children were to draw their faces using a mirror!

Outside the children joined Nelson for a balancing experience, they walked along the steppingstones. They had to use their amazing balancing skills to stay on without following of, they used their arms and did a really good job of staying on.

What a fun Tuesday we had. Have a lovely evening Aqua friends.

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