Happy Wednesday! The children had a fabulous day joining in with fun activities and exploring the environment with their friends!

We enjoyed group time this morning with our educators! Each educator’s group time is so different, the children love to experience them all! Today Ekta was reading books and Jasmine was playing games! But we all practiced our Christmas songs … so far, everyone’s favourite is ‘Jingle Bells’!

The children continued with their Christmas tree craft today. We used our hands to make a ‘snowy’ tree and also glued coloured baubles onto Christmas trees to decorate them!

Everyone loved gluing and sticking coloured paper onto their Ginger-breadmen!

We had so much fun playing with ice too! The children love to feel it with their hands, commenting on how “cold” it is and they love to watch it melt into water!

We’ve had a great day! We used our fine motor skills to roll play dough into balls and then use tongs to put them into egg cartons … we showed off our dance moves and read books too 😊

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