What a beautiful sunny day we are having. It is very warm, and the children are full and smelling like sun cream. They are being sun safe and waring their hats outside.

Some of the children started the morning as usual with yoga. They love joining in and are now

experts at doing the poses.

After their yoga time, Annabel and Evelyn played peekaboo behind the bench with Donna. They laughed so much when they saw Donna taking their photo.

Nishka and Isla enjoyed exploring different puzzles on the mat. Alice joined them later to do one also.

Sand pit as always was a hit. Harry really enjoyed watching the sand flow down the big white tube.

Pretend play also a big hit, Charlie and Evan made some lunch for each other. Charlie even did some ironing.

Harvey and Edward love superheros, just like most of the boys at Aqua. They explored spiderman and the hulk together, they spoke about hulk knocking the wall down with his big muscle.

At group time we all joined on the mat and before we separated into small groups Donna read a lovely story about Santa Claus. The children were such good active listening and really enjoyed the story.

Learning Centre time: –

The children made frosty with Donna. Annabel loved making the face of her one.

Alejandra made presents with the children for our Christmas wall. The children spoke about what Santa was bringing them.

Bambi group made Santa faces.

A group joined Vivienne at the playdough table and made many lovely shapes.

Of course, there also was water play, and the children loved stepping inside and cooling their toes.

What a lovely day today at Aqua.

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