The second half of the week began. Today was another summer-like day.

Every morning, teachers talk with us about dates or days of the week etc, and we also talk about the seasons. These days, some of us say that summer is already here. When Shoko asked them why, Oliver said, “Because it’s really hot!’.  Indeed it is….

We have been learning about human body with Arturo. Today we’ve summarized and reviewed what we’ve learned so far. During the discussion in the group time, we were amazed how much knowledge we have gained about our body. Then, to visualize that knowledge, we did an activity where we cut up pictures of internal organs and put them in order.


With Amol, we continued to explore Rangoli art from Diwali festival. We were excited to colour different pattern as yesterday. Heart-shaped and star-shaped ones were newly available. We shared sand, glue, and other tools and turn-taking as we participating in the activity.


In 59, we started our day with lots of songs. We sang good morning song, the ABC song and so on. After group time, Sony invited us to create fireworks in the night sky.  We first applied glue where we wanted to colour, then we sprinkled with salt over it. After that, we dripped water colour paints on top with a syringe to make the fireworks colourful. It was interesting to watch the salt absorb the paint and the colour go on.


In the afternoon, Barns bay Hair salon was opened. We took turns being a hairdresser and making customers’ hair beautiful! When Shoko visited to make her hair done, we served as best we could by curling hair with curlers, combing hair with a brush, or putting on a ribbon. We believe she was pleased with the results as she took a selfie with us!!!!


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