We started the day with a self-select play, and children used their creative and spontaneous minds to play at the connecting toys and block corner, while others finished their breakfast to talk and play at the home corner.


During the morning we praised children who took their time and effort to help us to collect some ideas and songs to celebrate last month of the year and Christmas.

We used our memory to recall some Christmas songs as well as a back in time revision of important theme and project that we had throughout this year.


It was great to remember the start of the year with some summer songs like going to the beach, just on Christmas Day, celebrating Australian long weekend or celebrating Chinese New Year. Then a song about Hygiene and washing our teeth.


Children also wanted to participate in a Castle song where Sleeping beauty went to sleep for a hundred years, until a mysterious Prince came to her rescue and wake her with a kiss. (on her hand).


With Sophia, we read a story about recycling and then we created some of the most amazing Robot, a spart of our Recycling Project. With her help the children used their imagination and decorative skills to create those most convincing robots.

With Gail the children had the opportunity to play and create Snakes as part of celebrating NAIDOC week. Children demonstrated all their ability to decorate those snakes with water based colours, quite appropriate for the hot day that we had.


During the afternoon we play water play as the day went form warm to oven, then to cyclone.

Happy week end everyone.


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