Now comes the beginning of a new week. This week started off with rain. However, we were able to play in the yard for a little while in the morning. After that, we all got together and started practicing for the Christmas concert with Arturo. We sang and danced to Christmas songs, and besides that, we sang many more songs!!!


In learning centre time, we helped Meg to make playdough. We measured each ingredient and carefully mixed them in the bowl. We were able to wait for our turn and share resources. After, we got creative with our own playdough and paddle pop sticks. Owen and Teos (They wore same T-shirts! How cool!!!) collaboratively created birthday cake. Emma sorted paddle pop sticks by colours. And she created rainbow together with Camille. Very creative!


With Shoko, we started learning about sea animals as we are interested in them. We first listen to the story about Australian sea animals, then we looked at the book and drew a picture of them. Some of us chose to pattern the shapes of fish or octopuses etc., there were also people who chose to paint with water color paint. Either way, we created colorful and unique sea animals. We are planning to make a fishing rod tomorrow to catch the sea animals we painted today!


In 59, we started our day with songs we always sing. Then Sony invited us to make Christmas craft for the first time this year!! We cut out Christmas tree, and decollated with glitters. Making Christmas crafts is so much fun as we can feel Christmas approaching!!!!!!


Burns bay hair salon was open today as well. We were excited to become hairdressers and decorate our customers’ hair beautifully. The customer was surely satisfied with the finished work.


Oliver worked hard on the math today. He learned the addition using wooden numbers, along with Shoko. We were impressed that he was able to come up with the answer correctly!!


We hope the weather will be better tomorrow and we can play in the yard.

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