We were very happy to see the sun coming out. Yippee! We can play in the yard! And today was the science day, so we were even happier with the nice weather.


In science, we made slime with Sean and Justine. Everyone was super excited as we were able to make slime of our favourite colour and take it home with us. What could be more wonderful?


In the veranda, Burns bay cottage hospital was back! We acted out as doctors and nurses and worked there. We had a big discussion about how to fix Tima’s leg. Some of us said ‘Maybe she needs an operation.’, other said ‘She needs to have a bandage for one year.’. One year?! That’s so long!!


In 59, Veronique, Isidora, Ava and Laura showed us their special things. They explained about their special things to us and told us why they are special to them.


Elliot was exploring the environment using his senses. He showed interest in the sensory bin containing the rice. He touched and scooped the rice with his hands to enjoy the feel of it. Later, he was seen on the sofa, holding a stainless steel tray. He looked into the tray and seemed to have fun looking at the reflection in it.


Sophia invited us to weave with recycled materials. Lillian, Lachlan, and Oliver each took with a small piece of cardboard and wrapped yarn or ribbon around it. It was tricky but we used our fine motor skill to make beautiful creations.


Thanks to Lachlan for helping Amol clean up the rice on the floor.


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